bogleheads guide to investing kindle fire
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Bogleheads guide to investing kindle fire forex 10 pip stop-loss policy

Bogleheads guide to investing kindle fire

The larger the deductible, the more you are self-insuring and the cheaper the premium will be. Don't mix investing with insurance. Insurance is for protection and investing is for wealth-building. Keep them separate. The only good purpose of insurance is to protect yourself from catastrophes you can't afford. When you have dependents, buy term life insurance. Buy the longest period that you can afford and need.

Make sure the policy is guaranteed renewable. Reduce the premiums by taking the highest deductible and co payment you can afford. If you are under 65 and considering a high-deductible health insurance plan, you may want to consider establishing a health savings account for tax-deducted savings. A good healthcare plan should: Give you the freedom to see a doctor or specialist of your choice without the need to obtain a referral. No dollar limits on expenses such as hospital room rates, surgeries, procedures, and lab work.

It should have an annual cap on the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket. It is good to include out of state and international coverage. Disability insurance protects your greatest financial asset: you, and your future earning power. Buy as much disability insurance as you think you'll need. Ideally, a good disability insurance policy will have: Covers your inability to work in your own occupation It requires a waiting period of no more than 90 days before coverage begins.

Carries a cost of living adjustment Benefits are provided for partial disability Provides the longest benefit in your own occupation for as long as possible or at least until age 65 You need replacement cost homeowners or renters insurance.

Cover all potential disasters. If you drive an old car with a low book value you may not need comprehensive and collision coverage. You can skip other add ons like rental car reimbursement and towing because they aren't catastrophes. If you have a good healthcare plan you can skip coverage for medical payments too. Reduce the cost of homeowners, rental, and auto insurance by taking the largest possible deductible you can afford.

You can sometimes get discounts if your home has a security system, smoke detectors, or fire sprinklers. Auto insurance discounts are often given if your car has a security system, anti lock brakes, or air bags. Tell your agent if your car has them. If you own a business, get insurance coverage for that too. If you are getting older getting long term care insurance can protect against the enormous cost of care in a nursing home. If you have extremely high net worth you can probably skip it and self-insure.

You probably don't need it if you qualify for medicaid. If you get it before you are 60 your premiums will be dramatically lower than if you buy this insurance when you are older. Good qualities of a long-term care policy: Daily benefit should be equal to current daily cost of a nursing home in the area where you live. Inflation protection of 5 percent per year. The benefit of the payment period should be at least three to five years.

A lifetime benefit payment period is best. An elimination period should be affordable. One hundred days is a good elimination period for most people. Coverage cannot be canceled for any reason other than failure to pay premiums. The policy should cover skilled and nonskilled care. Benefits should also cover home health and assisted living care without requiring a prior hospital stay. No exclusion for particular illnesses like Alzheimer's or dementia.

Benefit triggers specify when coverage begins. But, lo and behold, I was gifted one and I freakin' love the thing. If the State and my wife weren't such uptight fuddy-duddies I might have a nice little ceremony for me and my Kindle down at the courthouse. In the meantime, I use it everyday. The real winner? Taking advantage of the digital downloads for ebooks from my local library.

The model I recommend is the Paperwhite. It isn't the highest end model Amazon offers, but it is the best value when comparing price, specifications, and how useful it is to accomplish more reading than I ever managed to do before.

I am all about never spending more than necessary to do the job right, and since the Paperwhite lets you read as efficiently as the more expensive model, I say don't be a dummy and don't overpay. I'll do you one better and recommend the refurbished version , too. Everything at CNN Money's tools section Seriously, if you haven't already, check out their list of 27 free calculators covering everything from real estate, retirement, saving, investing and tuition.

The options are fairly simplistic, but they can give you a good start without you having to crunch anything even remotely resembling a number. HelloWallet Emergency Fund Calculator The folks over at HelloWallet created a free calculator that determines how much you should have saved in your emergency fund.

Pretty straightforward. Pretty handy, nonetheless. However, you still might need to look elsewhere to factor in every emergency fund possibility.

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