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Soccer betting secrets pdf file 1000 guineas betting 2022 tips

Soccer betting secrets pdf file

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Having said that, you have to choose your sports discipline wisely and stick to it regardless. Interested in the Champions League? Focus, analyse and bet only on its matches. We can assure you, your statistics will immediately get better just by following this simple rule. When choosing a specific competition, it is wise to assume that the more exotic it is, the bigger are your chances to gain an edge over the bookmaker.

It is not a big of a deal to back Barcelona or Real Madrid to win at home. That's common sense, not betting expertise. A true betting skill hides in finding value in Croatian 2nd league matchup. You must realise one simple thing - everyone knows something about top leagues, therefore, those markets are highly verified.

If you consider yourself a Serie A expert, then you can be sure that your top online bookmaker employs at least 10 statisticians, analysts and oddsmakers that are way more proficient in betting than you. The situation looks completely different in less popular leagues.

Being an expert in Croatian 2nd league, you have a substantially much better position against one of the online bookmakers. In some cases, you might even know more than bookmakers do. Match analysis Hidden Secrets To Winning Soccer Betting System Pdf Free One thing that scares us is the number of punters who treat sports betting only as a way to kill some time or just fun.

This is a very vague approach that will not lead you anywhere. Just think about it, what are the chances of having the positive long-run record for punters who place a couple of bets every weekend only based on how they feel that day. Sports betting is like any other job, it requires time, dedication and hard work. That is exactly why we keep emphasising the importance of analysing as much data about the given event as possible before placing a bet.

If you would like to learn more about how to properly analyse sports data, assess risk and calculate the likelihood of any sporting event, please, click here, to read one of our sports betting guides. Number of placed bets Let us talk a bit about one of the most vital aspects of beating a bookmaker. Guess how many times the world's best punters find value per month?

Well, usually around , in the best case. This should make you question the approach of placing bets on a Sunday afternoon. Statistically speaking, such a strategy has no way of succeeding. If your goal is to stay profitable in sports betting in the long run, then you have to limit the number of bets you place right now! If that works for the best punters in the world, then why shouldn't it work for you then?

Please, be aware, this will be one of the hardest skills you would have to master, however, the very feasible one. So where should you start? Seems quite easy, isn't it? The key here is to stay patient since the urge to keep betting will be huge at first. However, it should eventually become a habit and won't bother you at all.

The Setback Phase Online sports betting has no room for rushing. Let's set the record straight, sports betting at its very best is not a nerve soothing activating, but rather a complete opposite. Since every one of you already knows that making a decision while jumpy or edgy is not the best way to do it, we would suggest you take a short break from betting every now and then.

Just take a couple of days off and do anything but sports betting. Our experts also suggest a bit more advanced approach by taking such a break after every big loss and, what is more, every big win! Doing it this way makes more sense.

As we have already mentioned, there is no easier thing to do than sports betting, however, only when it goes according to our plan. The problems come after the first winning streak. In other words, the majority of bettors are not able to bounce back and usually enter a losing streak wasting their budget.

Our sports betting experts have a great solution for this. Forget about bookmakers, betting and everything that comes with it, just simply take a break. Some of you might say that it only makes sense to take a break after a loss but not after a win. Well, the main reason for taking a break from betting after a significant win is that many punters lose their focus after a temporary success, thinking they got it now and every bet they place is going to win.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and many punters are losing everything they have won and even more in a series of bad decisions. Remember out IT guy? The main reason behind his unbelievable success was, surprisingly, him having no idea about sports whatsoever. Every bet he placed was solely based on the value of that bet, risk factor and its profitability. While it is not that hard to do in general, someone who has been following sports their whole life and already has their favourites might have a rough time dealing with it.

Let us explain it better using a simple example. Let's assume that Team A favourite is playing Team B underdog in the competitive national league matchup. I tripled my money over the season. But I had doubled my money by Christmas. Soccermatics came out in May , just as the Premier League was coming to a close. I monitored how it went for my model the season after. Here is the result. Not so good. There was a small profit to be made in the first few weeks, but then it flatlined for the rest of the season.

Lessons learn from using my model There are four lessons to be learnt from my model. It came from a small error in how the odds were being set. If you want to create your own model of sporting outcomes you need to use the odds as the starting point. I downloaded my odds from Oddsportal and then double-checked my model against those on football-data.

I then made a prediction and applied it to the next year and it continued to work. There is a lot of randomness in betting and it is possible to win for quite a long period of time with luck alone. But this was a long-term trend that was profitable. Thirdly, nothing lasts forever. In moments of self-aggrandising I like to think that my book led to a market correction. See those odds for Liverpool at home against Manchester United at the weekend….

This is just one explanation, though. Another is that managers realised that in those big matches between equally good teams they should go for the three points this is also something I look at in the book. There are other explanations too. The fact is, I will never know for sure, but the odds bias I found has gone.

My fourth and final conclusion is: I am a total idiot. I spent three months developing a betting model. I found a way to win. But instead of placing all my free capital on the model, I published a book with the secret in it, only to see the profits disappear. Yes, I got paid for writing the book. Yes, I have enjoyed talking about soccer and engaging in the analytics community, but the money would have been nice too.

How to bet on soccer: The ultimate soccer betting guide.

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