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Radio classica milano finanza forex

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Marketing activities for the satellite radio service, based on the model used by two NASDAQ-listed American giants - Xm and Sirius - will begin in Class Editori, apart from its shareholding in the World Space Italia through Nsr, will also be operating as a content provider for the radio channels; expected to be approximately 50 during this first phase.

It is the only daily English language newspaper on fashion to be published in Europe. The paper, entirely translated and with a layout expressly designed for electronic distribution, is sent each morning to a select mailing list of 4, internationally renowned operators in the sector. As such, MF Fashion has become an ideal vehicle for companies seeking to communicate information on an international level, without dispersion and with the guarantee of reaching their target audience - comprised of some of the most important and influential professionals in the sector.

MF Fashion therefore allows companies to create individually based forms of communication, with the certainty of accessing a niche of clients with high added value as a result of the newspaper's mixed distribution: electronic, both for the English and Italian editions, and at newsagents.

LUNA is aimed at upper middle class and upper class women between the ages of 28 and 48, who are unsatisfied with current magazines offers - incapable of fulfilling their needs in terms of tastes and information. LUNA has returned to newsagents after a two month hiatus.

It has been specifically designed to offer its readership all the information and opportunities it needs to make its own choices, with an approach to contents and investigative reports which is much more similar to magazines with a male readership.

The magazine is ensured coverage of its target because it is sold in conjunction with ItaliaOggi - a newspaper for professional men and women, managers, and workers in the legal and economic sectors. Page 8 9 - As of March 6 a new version of Campus - magazine enjoyed by university students for almost 20 years - can be found at newsagents in its free quality press version, with new graphics, a tabloid layout and wider distribution, which has been extended to cover universities in 10 of the largest cities in Italy.

The work platform offers Italian and institutional investors and trading desks the most complete platform currently available, and was expressly studied to satisfy their needs. The workstation was chosen because, apart from its completeness and usability, it allows for significant economic advantages. Page 9 10 Revenues for period can be broken down as follows: amounts in thousands of euros Revenues from newsagents 3, 3, Subscription revenues 7, 7, Advertising revenues 13, 13, Short-term cash flows consist of bank overdrafts and shares in bond funds amounting to thousand.

The apparent overall increase was due to the transformation of coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts, projects and work experience contracts, excluded from previous counts, into fixed-term employment contracts and apprenticeships, included in the current count, as well as the effect of the inclusion in the consolidation area of County Class Editori S. Apprenticeship contracts as at 31 March totalled 20 units while fixed-term contracts were equal to 66 units.

Page 11 12 Significant post-balance sheet events In April, Gentleman - a magazine by Milano Finanza - was sold at newsagents with a double number, together with Gentleman Real Estate.

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Thursday, 22 June Classe Editi Milano Finanza Forex. RadioVenere Radio Skylab Radio Classica è una stazione radio da Milano trasmette su frequenza FM in alcune parti delle province lombarde, ovunque online via internet. Ascolta in diretta la playlist ben selezionata di contenuti musicali specifici dalle sinfonie alle opere dei grandi geni di un tempo come pure concerti. Radio Classica è un'emittente radiofonica privata nazionale del gruppo Class Editori con sede a Milano in Via Marco Burigozzo. Lanciata nel , propone un palinsesto incentrato sulla musica classica e sulla dicembre trasmette, oltre che sulle frequenze in FM in Lombardia e in streaming tramite la app ufficiale, anche sul DAB+ in alcune città italiane .