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Value investing forum india

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Value investing forum india In a short span of hours, you will learn the thought process and principles of value investing. But there exists another category of people who know how to invest in stock markets in a way that will maximize their profits in the long run, and preserve their capital should any unforeseen give these guys a good run for their money. You can watch from your android app, ios app, or even our web app that runs on any modern browser and supports basic requirements to run videos and view PDF files. There are certain things that you might not understand now, but as you become a seasoned investor, terms like - Circle of Competence, Intrinsic Value, TCWG, etc will show you a different side of stock markets like you value investing forum india never seen before. An avid investor and forever a learner, Neeraj Arora has touched the lives of more than 1 million people through his YouTube Channels such as: Excel For Beginners 2. Absolutely grin crypto not see, investing in our country is still largely seen from a very critical lens and lakhs of people consider Financial Markets to be a Satta bazaar where only a few can truly win When you see short-term gains, you believe and act from the eyes of a trader.
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Value investing forum india You see, investing in our country is still largely seen from a very critical lens and lakhs of people consider Financial Markets to be a Satta bazaar where only a few can truly win When you see short-term gains, you believe and act from the eyes of a trader. Because these people understand the significance of an important concept known as Value Investing Hold On! An avid value investing forum india and forever a learner, Neeraj Arora has touched the lives of value investing forum india than 1 million people through his YouTube Channels such as: Excel For Beginners 2. In a land of 1. Apart from that we will be giving you MCQ based assignments, some pre-reads that you can follow to get even more value from this course, and publicly available resources that you can use to plan your investment decisions. You can watch, pause, re-watch anytime as you like. Delivering extraordinary social and economic outcomes, we are focused on building lasting relationships with our partners and clients.

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In the first approach one is making a bet on a specific scenario which may not occur, leading to sub-par results. In the second case, we may end up with sub-par returns too but only because prices will adjust once all the uncertainty goes away.

We paid a price for being conservative. It could have easily gone the other way and in that scenario, the second group would be highlighting the merits of being cautious, whereas the first group would be silent. I personally avoid taking a specific view of how the future will unfold. The risk of doing so is high, if you get it wrong. If you are managing money for others like me , then the risk is asymmetrical.

If you get it right, you can tout your performance. If not, then your investors bear the brunt I continue to stand by my conservative approach, though I should have reacted faster when all central banks pumped in a huge amount of liquidity into the system.

By the time, I could appreciate the dynamics, it was too late I have been following this drama closely and by mid of , felt it was getting crazy. Valuations of profitless growth companies in the US went through the roof, Crypto was all rage and then we had the NFTs.

Some of these innovations could change the future, but why would I pay for a promise? On the contrary at height of the mania, buyers were paying for the most optimistic future The last one year has reminded me of the dotcom mania. I had just started investing and resisted the mania for a long time, but finally succumbed to it in early when the bubble peaked.

I have stayed away from all this madness and just watched it with amusement. You can see all the updates on my twitter feed rohitchauhan When the tide goes out I created a presentation last year but did not upload it then for some reason.

The investing world has gotten so used to this zero cost capital, that even a slight increase would be devastating to most assets Although I could not forecast inflation and other macro issues, it was clear than any normalization or even reduction in the liquidity was going to be a problem for the market We know what has happened since then — Inflation has surged due to war, supply shortage of commodities and all kind of supply chain issue The net result is that interest rates are rising and have some distance to go.

A virtual forum. Although there are a lot of Indian share market and business forums out there on the web, almost all of them are for traders. All the calls made in such forums are for a meager profit of Rs. Moreover, a stop-loss would be advised at Rs.

You make only your stock broker rich! Has anyone gotten rich trading in stocks? You get rich only by investing in good businesses. So, only the traders or momentum investors who invest based on charts and technicals will be interested in such calls. Just to make a paltry sum as profit. Anyway not us, value investors, who are in pursuit of buying an asset worth a rupee for fifty paise. I intend something unique. A free forum, where the discussion is to be purely on the merits, business opportunities, fundamentals, business valuation, and intrinsic values of businesses; not the charts, technicals, or momentum.

Out of the retail participation, only a very few retail investors follow the value investment approach. Unlike other countries, in India shares are the only asset that swings wildly from significant undervalue to hyperinflated prices compared to other assets like real estate or gold. However, retail investors are not exploiting this marvelous opportunity of grabbing an asset for a price significantly lesser than its intrinsic value.

Retail investors usually jump into the bandwagon at the peak of a bull market, burn their fingers, and will stay away until the next bull market.

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